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I'm having issues ending/with my ongoing trip. What should I do?
I'm having issues ending/with my ongoing trip. What should I do?
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If you’re having issues ending/with your ongoing trip, please refer to the below checklists that might help.

Issues ending trip:

  • Ensure you're not in a No Go Zone or No Parking Zone.

  • Some cities do not operate in a 'You can park anywhere' model, please park in a designated parking spot marked with a 'P', visible in the app.

  • If your phone is flat - unable to access the app to end your trip, please leave the vehicle idle for it to end automatically, and then contact us for further assistance.

  • If your helmet return is not detected correctly, please dismiss the warning prompted and proceed to end the trip, you will then be prompted to take a photo of the vehicle - please ensure the photo capture the helmet being returned. With this photo, you will not be charged any additional fee.

Vehicle not working:

  • Please check the remaining battery of your vehicle, via the app or the vehicle display.

    • If the battery is flat, you will see on the app your trip has been ended automatically. Rest assured no further charges will be incurred, and simply park the vehicle in a position that does not obstruct traffic, obstruct pedestrians or get in the way of fire hydrants. ‍The flat vehicle will be attended by a Beam marshal.

  • Check on the app to see if you're in a Slow Zone - some areas (Slow Zones) within the city have a reduced speed limit.

    • Please be aware that when you enter these Slow Zones, your e-scooter will slow down automatically. Once you exit the Slow Zone, the speed will then return to normal.

  • Check on the app to see if you're in a No Go Zone - entering these areas may lock your vehicle and will reduce the vehicle speed limit.

    • If you mistakenly entered one and find your vehicle restricted - please move back into the operating area and tap on the 'Tap to resume trip' button in the app to continue riding;

    • To unrestrict a guest vehicle, simply select the corresponding vehicle in your app and tap on the 'padlock' icon.

If you still require assistance, please see How do I contact Beam's Support Team?

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