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How do I start an e-bike ride?
How do I start an e-bike ride?
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  1. Find your nearest Beam e-bike on the app.

  2. Tap “Ride” and unlock the e-bike by scanning the QR code on the handlebars.

  3. Put on your helmet and check that the brakes, tires and all other parts of the bike are working.

  4. Disengage the kickstand by gently pushing the e-bike forward until the kickstand retracts.

  5. To start riding, get on the bike and begin pedalling. The electric motor will kick in automatically and assist as you continue to pedal.

  6. To slow down pull firmly on the brake lever on the handlebars or simply stop pedalling.

  7. At the end of your trip make sure you park considerately and use the kickstand to prop up the bike.

  8. Enjoy your ride!

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