How do I use Group Rides?
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To start a Group Ride:

  1. Tap the "Group Ride" button on the map page.

  2. You’ll be prompted to add the name and email address of your first guest. You can add additional guests by tapping the "Add guest rider" button.

  3. Once you’re done adding guests, tap the "Unlock" button beside each name and scan the QR code on each vehicle to unlock both the vehicle and the helmet for each guest in your group.

  4. When done, tap "Continue to Trip" to start your Group Ride.

  5. When you’re ready to end the Group Ride, click on the "End Trip for All" button at the bottom of your screen. Be sure that all vehicles are parked safely and considerately. All ride fees, parking fees and credits will be summed up and applied to you as the main account holder.

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